Flamingo Indian

Flamingo in Tamworth is a paradise for every Indian food lover, where the foods are served fresh and presented in an artistic form that gives a refreshing note to your mind. Along with the traditional specialties, you can enjoy innovative seasonal dishes cooked by our world-renowned chefs. Order online and experience an exclusive culinary treat.

Marmion Balti

As a combined Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant and takeaway in Tamworth, Staffordshire, we are specialists in creating delicious Balti dishes. All cooked to order and fresh, our special dishes originate from Bangladesh. Built from scratch, our restaurant has an excellent reputation in the local area for high-quality Indian and Bangladeshi dishes.

The Forest Restaurant - Grangewood Garden Centre

Established in December 2018, and set within the newly renovated Grangewood Garden Centre in the heart of Tamworth, Staffordshire is The Forest Restaurant. The restaurant’s design was influenced by the family and friends of the garden centre and showcases their offbeat style and eye for inspirational dining settings. The Forest Restaurant is open daily and it is our aim to serve the freshest, finest dishes using the best locally sourced raw ingredients whenever possible. Our small, friendly team are passionate about the dishes they produce.


Bringing Japan west.

Japanese cuisine is often mistaken. People are quick to brand it as just sushi and while fish is used in a large portion of Japanese dishes the latter is quickly forgotten.