Active Transport

Walking and cycling have great benefits for health and accessibility. They can also reduce congestion and emissions when replacing short car journeys. Creating environments that are favourable to walking and cycling can improve overall quality of life in Tamworth. Our aim is to achieve these benefits by enabling and encouraging more people in Tamworth to cycle and walk, more often and in a safer environment.

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Benefits of active travel

Better health – active travel is a simple, low cost and effective way to incorporate  physical activity into daily life

Better road safety – there is evidence to suggest a ‘safety in numbers’ effect for both cycling and walking. More activity means safer activity

A better environment – active travel can replace many short car journeys reducing traffic, air pollution, noise pollution as well as making a positive contribution towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Benefits to businesses – people who travel on foot or by bike tend to be healthier, be absent less often and be more productive in the workplace (see Active Employment page )

Wider economic benefits – walking and cycling make very efficient use of road space so help reduce congestion. Research by the UK Department for Transport has found that investment in cycling shows economic returns of around £3 for every £1 invested.

Social benefits – when people walk and cycle around their neighbourhood they are much more likely to meet and interact, creating community cohesion. People walking and cycling provide ‘social supervision’ helping make our streets a safer place to be.

Improved quality of life – the combined benefits of more people getting about on foot and by bike add together to give a better overall quality of urban life.