Tamworth Market Contractor

Tamworth Borough Council managed the running of the local market directly themselves until 2011 when the council decided to outsource the day to day management of the weekly market in order to try and generate new interest and breathe life back into the market at a time when, globally, retail and the high street were struggling. Local authorities have been the public custodians of the marketplace since Victorian times and 82% of markets in the U.K. today are still run by local authorities.

On 1st April 2011, LSD Promotions Ltd began operating Tamworth Market.

LSD logo

LSD Promotions Ltd  

LSD, The first initials of the 3 founding members of the company – who would forget this name?

Started in 1989, an independent market and events company, based in the Midlands, with a vision to provide top quality markets and special events which would serve the local community with the very best of market experiences of the highest standard and also offer the best facilities and working conditions for market traders.

Still today, a family run business, who continue to appreciate each and every customer and work hard to ensure the very best markets and events are delivered to the highest of quality providing a diverse and welcoming environment, supporting local suppliers and who’s values are ecologically sound.


LSD continue to work with the Council to identify ways to deliver specialist events in order to raise the profile of the local market and Tamworth itself.

LSD Promotions Ltd are members of and work with both the National Market Traders Federation (NMTF) and the National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA)