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A healthy community is one that embraces the belief that health is more than merely an absence of disease; a healthy community includes elements that enable residents to maintain a high quality of life and productivity.

We will work with partners to look to combat a number of health concerns around the borough such as lack of physical activity, obesity, tobacco and substance abuse through a number of community based health care systems.

Physical activity and sport can help build strong communities in a number of ways.

Sport and recreation activities produce a healthier population, both physically and mentally, which in turn places less stress on the health care system. International research shows that increasing community participation in organized sport and recreation contributes to what is known as “social capital”, which is the ‘social fabric, or glue’ that ties members together in a given locality.

Generally, places with high levels of social capital are safer, better governed and more prosperous, compared to places with low levels of social capital.

Through participation, sport helps address anti-social behaviour and can support education.

Sport and physical activity is not the cure-all for society’s issues, but with quality delivery and an appropriate level of support it can significantly assist in a positive way.

Active Tamworth seeks to increase life expectancy and quality of life by helping the people of Tamworth gain the knowledge, motivation and opportunities they need to make informed decisions about their health.