Salute My Hero! Amazing new single filmed at Tamworth Castle

D-Day Juniors and Colin Thackery Salute My Hero Debut 2020

A NEW single by local D-Day Juniors released on November 11, was filmed at Tamworth Castle with special guest Colin Thackery, winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2019.

The single and video called ‘Salute My Hero’, is a follow-up song to the D-Day Juniors’ debut single ‘Pass it On’, which was featured as their audition on Britain’s Got Talent this year. The new video was released on November 11 to commemorate Armistice Day, as a proud tribute to all those who have fought for our great country.

The Juniors want to continue to help spread ‘wartime spirit’ and ‘pass on’ the message to the younger generation. This second single is in honour of all the heroic soldiers that fought and gave their lives during war. With special guest Colin Thackery, the video was filmed, following all Covid-19 guidelines, last month, in Tamworth Castle’s historic Great Hall.

Katie Ashby, lead singer of the D-Day Darlings and director of the D-Day Juniors, said: “We are thrilled to release our new Juniors single, ‘Salute My Hero’, featuring the amazing Colin Thackery. We wanted to coincide the video release for Remembrance Day as a fitting tribute to all our soldiers. 

“Colin approached us after seeing the D-Day Juniors on Britain’s Got Talent. I had written this song pre-lockdown and thought how perfect it would be to have Colin join us.
“We were so excited to film in Tamworth Castle’s Great Hall. It gave the perfect backdrop to our song, with its grand, historic features and the castle’s link to wartime, we couldn’t have wished for a better venue.

“We look forward to continuing with our new collaboration with the Tamworth Arts and Events team. There will be more announcements very soon of how this collaboration is going to open a whole world of opportunity and create some wonderful moments for the whole of our community and beyond. 

“Next year is going to be exciting as we plan, subject to Government Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions, from spring 2021 to use the Tamworth Assembly Rooms as our ‘on location’ venue for our RockSchool vocal, music and performing arts courses and the D-Day Juniors are set to perform in the venue with Colin Thackery live!”

Adey Ramsel, Tamworth Assembly Rooms Theatre, Artistic and Events Manager, said: “We’re really excited to be teaming up with the amazing nationally-renowned D-Day Darlings and Juniors, and look forward to welcoming them to their new home theatre next year.

“Being able to support this new video with the filming in our Tamworth Castle’s Great Hall, was very special and just a taste of amazing things to come with our new collaboration project with the D-Day Juniors and Riverside Studios.

“Although the theatre is closed at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic, there’s lots of work happening behind the scenes to get plans in place for when we do re-open, including creating exciting new community partnerships such as this one.”

Watch 'Salute My Hero' in full here.