The Saxon legends are coming to town!

The Saxon legends are coming to town!

Saxon story themed activities are coming to Tamworth Castle and Grounds as part of a King Offa celebration taking place next month. 

Tamworth Borough Council are inviting families to join in the Saxon fun running over three weekends in March.

The wargames begin on 3 March in the castle Great Hall. People are invited to join the Tamworth Wargames Club demonstration from 11am – 3pm, as they use Saxon and Viking table figures in a great battle!

The session is run by Tamworth Games Club, using miniature figures and terrain on tables roughly 6’ long to recreate battles and skirmishes from the Medieval period.

A touring theatre show will entertain families off on 9 and 10 March, with a free production of Saxon legends, by Q20 theatre. General castle admission fees apply via the website:

Visitors will also have the opportunity to meet a friendly troll in Ankerside and the Castle Grounds on 9 March. This mythical character will be accompanied by his friend Esme and will be sharing information about the Saxon Legends production and the Offa procession on 17 March. Come along and have a photo and find out more why trolls played a big part in Saxon tales!


Storyteller Dave Tong will share enthralling stories of gods, myths and monsters at Tamworth Library on Saturday 16 March, every hour between 10am and 3pm; and on Sunday 17 March, hourly between 10.30am and 2.30pm at Tamworth Castle. General castle admission fees apply. 


The stories will encourage adults and children to imagine they are seated in a Saxon long hall, with richly carved columns decorated with swords and shields, skins and furs. Audiences will be transformed to tales of feasting, blazing fires as the storyteller enchants the room with wonderous tales from over a thousand years ago. 

The sessions will feature tales of fire breathing dragons and the hero, Beowulf; Wayland the Smith, and his swan wife Herva. Also, some lesser-known Saxon folk tales like the Blind Bowmen and the legend of a powerful Iron sword forged deep beneath the earth long ago.

Storytelling was integral to Saxon culture; most Saxons could not read so used storytelling for sharing history or collective memory of the tribe. Elegiac tradition, which mourns the passing of earlier time periods, involves recollecting fond memories; and heroic tradition, celebrating great feats of loyalty and bravery while weakness or disloyalties were shunned and scorned.

Visitors are invited to join local artist Heather Higgins, in making Saxon brooches between 10am and 3pm in Ankerside on 16 March, and in a Saxon marquee at St Editha’s Square on 17 March. Bring your Saxon bling along to the King Offa’s procession as he returns to Tamworth for Easter charter signing at St Editha’s Church. 

The marquee will host a variety of activities including Saxon music, re-enactment demonstrations, a craft market and St John Ambulance brass band for the arrival of the procession. 

Councilor Tina Clements, Portfolio Holder for Engagement, Leisure and Events, said: “We’re excited to welcome local artists, storytellers and performers, to our town and castle and look forward to hearing enchanting Saxon tales and creative workshops. 

“Saxons stories were always prized as a pastime whether they were told by someone within the tribe who was naturally good at narration, or a professional scop - a storyteller who would recite epic tales and accompanied their stories with music.

“Keeping these stories alive is Tamworth Borough Council’s nod to this ancient tradition.

“The King Offa weekend will offer the chance for families and communities to celebrate our Saxon heritage finishing with a community procession through our historical town.

“Keep an eye out for more details about the events on the castle website.”  

For more information and to book to visit the castle: